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Nayab Chitnish Paper: English Grammar Solution/Answer Keys :

Nayab Chitnish Paper Solution/Answer Keys : English Grammar
Exam held on : June 2nd, 2015

Hello dear candidates,
Below are the answers or the keys of Nayab Chitnish Paper English Grammar, exam date  June 2nd, 2015

Answer Keys:

1. Asaf got ….. for his art of telling a story.
   Ans: admiration
2. She has vacation ….. today.
   Ans: from
3. Follow the principle, “Do it ….. .”
   Ans: yourself
4. Kumar is ….. B.A of the M.S. University.
   Ans: the (doubtful-in fact only degree doesn’t take any article)
5. Where ….. they ….. tomorrow ?
   Ans: will go
6. Do you know who …… T.V.?
   Ans: invented
7. ….. everybody was safe and sound.
   Ans: Luckily
8. When father returned, we ….. .
   Ans: were playing
9. Cancer is still ….. .
   Ans: incurable
10. Tomorrow, my cycle ….. by any one.
   Ans: will be stolen
11. The Taj Mahal ….. by Shahjahan.
   Ans: was built
12. Gujarat is ….. for its cotton industry.
   Ans: famous
13. ….. is the minister absent today?
   Ans: Why
14. Katrina and ….. read together.
   Ans: I
15. After sometimes, he came out ….. the street.
   Ans: over (doubtful)
16. Who is older ….. you two?
   Ans: between
17. My parents …. 5:30 am daily.
   Ans: get up
18. Choose the correct pronouns for the underlined part.
   The farmers are going to their farms.
   Ans: They
19. Wait here till you ….. .
   Ans: are called
20. ….. students never disobey their parents.
   Ans: obedient
21. Roma is ….. than Ram.
   Ans: taller
22. Replace the underlined part of the following sentence with appropriate options.
   These days, every country is afraid of terrorism.
   Ans: At present
23. Can anyone ….. two masters?
   Ans: serve
24. Walk fast ….. you will miss the bus.
   Ans: otherwise
25. Choose correct pronouns for the underlined part.
   The cows are under the tree.
   Ans: they
26. We wish her ….. a marriage function.
   Ans: to attend
27. ….. dogs seldom bite.
   Ans: Barking
28. The officer gave him ….. stamps.
   Ans: used
29. The girl next to me tried to start a ….. .
   Ans: conversation
30. Select the correct form of the verb for the underlined part of the sentence.
   You idiot, followmy order.
   Ans: carry out
31. ….. river in India is so long as the Ganga.
   Ans: no other.
32. Run, our principal ….. here.
   Ans: is coming
33. At present, she is not going …… library.
   Ans: to
34. …..did the family members go yesterday?
   Ans: Where
35. Raju, carry ….. my order without argument.
   Ans: out

Best of Luck!

sours from HITESH PATEL

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