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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Breaking News : GPSC CLASS 1-2 Revised Result Declared

The Gujarat Public Service Commission conducted Preliminary Examination- 2014 for Gujarat Administrative Service, Class-I & Class-II & Gujarat civil Service Class-I & Class-II (Advt.No.09/2014-15) on 12/10/2014. The Result of the aforesaid Preliminary Examination was declared on 20/08/2015 and 2960 candidates were declared provisionally qualified to appear in the
Main Examination. Subsequently Special Civil Application Nos.14573/2015, 15154/2015, 15123/2015 and 15132/2015 were filed before the Honourable Gujarat High Court against the above result. The Honourable Gujarat High Court has passed common order on 26/02/2016 in all these Special Civil Applications. As per the order of the  Honourable Gujarat High Court, the State  Government has published notification no. GS-2016-15-BRT-1020151079-K on 10/03/2016
to allow about twenty-five times candidates of the total numbers of vacancies advertised to appear
in the Main Examination for the advertisement No. 09/2014-15.In pursuant to the Order of the Honourable Gujarat High Court and above notification of the State Government, the result published
by the Commission on 20/08/2015 stands cancelled and revised result is published hereby. Following
seat Numbers of 12116 candidates are declared qualified PROVISIONALLY  in the said Examination and are thus declared eligible for appearing in the Main Examination, subject to their fulfilling all conditions of eligibility of Advt.No.09/2014-15, necessary physical verification of OMR Sheets including use of whitener   and also the correctness of the information furnished by the candidates in their applications. In accordance with the Rules of the Examination, all these candidates have to apply again for admission to the Main Examination in the detailed Application Form, as per the instructions of the Commission.  

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Breaking News : GPSC CLASS 1-2 Revised Result Declared
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