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Friday, 21 October 2016

32 Lakh Thi Vadhu ATM Hek Ni Sambhavanaa

Banks in the country have different hue hadakampa suspected of stealing about 32 million debit cards and PIN numbers diletsa. It is said that 32 million debit cards were stolen PIN. But the issue is not just ATMs. What is the most dangerous hackers. His aim we all. Get more details by going to the next slide ..

The previous said, the malware has affected some of the ATMs. SBI has informed all customers connected to the network, the bank has blocked their debit card. SBI credit cards is to give information about its branches to block. Soon be employed again in the block of cards.

The previous said, need "intimidating customers. They can also contact the branch. Phone calls to the banking or may re-apply for the card through the Internet. Besides their debit card PIN numbers, they can also set up the Internet banking.

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32 Lakh Thi Vadhu ATM Hek Ni Sambhavanaa
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