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84 coaches will be recruited soon to promote sport In Gujarat

As Coaches will be recruited from more than 84 different sports in the state. Under the ancillary facilities including scholarships and training programs for young people and sports equipment, including Coaches recruit specialized training is also provided to the State Government. When young people take advantage of it often requires that gives pride of Gujarat and the country. He plays with the training of Coaches Coaches, trainers approach with athletes, ramatagamataksetre kausalyapurvaka  gave precise targets, discussed savistalata about the policy method with the goal of moral values ​​as well as the necessary guidance. Who has been appointed for the first time since 1993. Which has been appointed a total of 42 coaches with 13 sisters and 29 brothers for various 20 games. Other notable that, at the Coaches Training Class of 15 days expired appointed by the Sports University. Which took part in 42 Coaches.

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