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Teachers pay deductions intermittent wind stop-over holidays

Bhavnagar District Primary Education, including Education chaired the meeting has been called for urgent action to fill education reform. The teachers intermittent, intermittent deduct pay for the student's education due to the holiday effect, the negligence of rules by private schools, vidyasahayakoni long absence, on planning issues, including Education Profile .1,2,3 was instructed in December. Dipiioe all primary schools in the district will be the performance davisomam. However, every time there's going to see how many steps after such instructions.

The main issues of the meeting ...
- Principal, teacher Vidya more than 1 year, or whether the absent on duty? To verify the record.

- The material is no dummy prox teachers have a duty to send a clear opinion.
- Student support cards, bank account is a serious matter in the pursuit of those who have left it until today. It will be completed quickly.
- Everyone NEGLIGENCE RTE Act, 2009, and in private schools under RTE Act has to be framed according to the provisions of the penal procedures in -2012.

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