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May, July, September and November, except for a holiday weekend. Entire year 9 holiday is on Saturday or Sunday. According to the official calendar avanava 29 public holidays and 21 voluntary leave in 2017.Sunday January paheladivase months time. Makar Sankranti on September 14, Sunday 15 November. 26, Day 28 and 29 January.Maha Shivaratri 24 February 25, February 26 and Saturday, Sunday. 3 holiday get together.March 13 March on Holi. Before Saturday and Sunday. Gudi Padwa is TuesdayOn the same day before the April Bank Holiday. 2 GA on Sunday, 4 thie Morning. 13 February VasantPanchami, on September 14, Good Friday and 16 Sunday. 29, 30 November and May 1st Labor Day weekend.June 26 June Eid. Before 24 Saturday and 25 Sunday. July is not a holiday.Janmashtami in August to 14 September, 15 November Independence Day. Saturday 12 September and Sunday 13 September. After 26 September 25 September Ganesh Chaturthi Saturday and 27 on Sunday. September, the month is not a holiday.GA Gandhi Jayanti on October 2, the first Sunday in October and that the two-day holiday. Then it will leave from 14 to 22. 16 October jewelery, black Chaudas 17 November, 18 November, Diwali, New Year on February 19 and 20 September bhaibija. 16, 14 and 15 before September 22, September 21 and again on Saturday and Sunday.No holiday is Eid December November December 1. After 2 and 3 December, Saturday and Sunday. After Saturday 23 September, 24 November and Sunday 25 November Christmas..

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