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News-Divyanga-farmer-soldiers, widows, elders, relief in railways Tickets

Indian Railways has announced a rebate pilgrims percent to Rs 100 per ticket buyers a number of categories. The series divyanga, patient, senior citizen, award-winning, soldiers and widows, students, farmers, artists, and the player that everybody having access to different types of advertising.
      He said that, physically disabled people for another sleeper, first class, AC, AC Chair Car 7 per cent. 1-AC-esimam the parties have been given the flexibility to 0 percent. Divyangane bringing them up in the series will also permit a person the ticket. Second and relief to first-class as 0 percent for the deaf-mute divyanga.
      This relief will apply to both the capital and M trains century.
      The award-winning series has been arranged as relief from 0 to 7 per cent. It has been divided into several categories, according to the relief.
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