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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC) has published Interview Program for the Post of Horticulture Officer, Class 2

The Interview Committee of the GPSC, has listed the qualities that should be rated in the interview as, ”clarity of expression, grasp of narrative and argument, reasoning ability, appreciation of different points of view, awareness and concern for socio-economic problems, ranges and depth of interests and personal attributes relevant to interaction with people.”

The Interview for the civil services examination also known as the Personality Test is exactly that. It is aimed at assessing the candidate’s personality, whether he is suitable to be a competent administrator or not. The candidate is tested not only for his/her intelligence but also for his/her overall personality development, his/her attentiveness, balance of judgment and qualities of honesty, integrity and leadership. Therefore preparation for the Interview requires proper planning.

The selectors look out for some attributes in the candidate and decide whether he/she is suited for a career in civil services or not. For this, the candidate should have a positive attitude, should have an alert mind with quick reflexes, should be free from any sort of prejudice, should be good at making quick decisions and should have the ability to act under stress and to handle difficult situations.

Preparation for the Interview is a continuous process. This involves a wide reading of books, journals, magazines and at least two newspapers. One should try to improve his/her conversational skills with the right pronunciation. The candidate should be prepared to answer questions on his background, hobbies and extracurricular activities. It is a good idea to discuss current affairs and recent issues with friends. One good way of rehearsing possible questions would be to have mock interviews and discussion groups. The candidate should make a self analysis of his strengths and weaknesses and make a conscious effort to play on his strengths.

Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC) has published Interview Programme for the Post of Horticulture Officer, Class 2, Check below for more details.


Gujarat. India.

Inquiry: +91 79 232 58980
Email: ps2sec-gpsc-ahd@gujarat.gov.in 
Website: www.gpsc.gujarat.gov.in

Advt 05/2014-15

Interview Programme : Click Here

List of Eligible candidates : Click Here

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Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC) has published Interview Program for the Post of Horticulture Officer, Class 2
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