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Friday, 21 October 2016

Now RTE Pre School, to enter into a standard drill 9 to 10

Is currently being implemented only in primary school.

The state of Gujarat are a child of ours has been applied to the Right to Education rules. As a result, children in remote villages are still learning today. Children wait to catch up technologically with the new educational CDs. Villa have a child that is applied to RTÉ are deprived of primary education in the city. When the Pre. School is not being implemented in a standard 9 to 10. Pre. School and has been putting into consideration the implementation of the standard 9 to 10.

Education Bhupinder Singh said that two days ago, a meeting was held in Delhi from education. Both of which were discussed above strongly. RTE conducted the exercise to be filed in the coming days.

The country earlier priskulamam children are still climbing the stairs. While getting education from class 9 to 10. While some are leaving the school after failing standard 10. When a decision by the government in the interests of the children and the children will attend school because of compulsory education.

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Now RTE Pre School, to enter into a standard drill 9 to 10
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