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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Will study for free until the 10th!, Free education may increase the scope of central government, the new education policy, the government indicated

New Education Policy Committee set up to draft the Right to Education (RTE) and changes in the examination system is recommended. Former Cabinet Secretary TSR Subramanian also headed by the committee has emphasized the value of education. Rights not only important duties: Committee said in its report that the truth, righteousness, peace, love and non-violence are core universal values. Value education at all levels of education should be an integral part thereof. To give children good values ​​teachers, parents, community leaders should pay a significant role. Committee recommended that students should not only about their fundamental rights, but also about responsibility stated in the Constitution should be educated. Recruitment through UPSC: Education Committee has suggested that the All India Education Srvins formed cadres for which recruitment is done through UPSC. As an interim arrangement, then it will take time once UPSC cadres from within existing education can special recruitment. Committee recommended that the service at the state level to solve a case involving different education tribunal should be established. RTE changes: Committee to meet the needs of the infrastructure should be a shift in the RTE. Infrastructure for the recognition of private schools, which are the rules, the same should apply to public schools. Discrimination in public and private schools in terms of rules and regulations should not disobey punitive action should be taken. The states should be allowed to fix norms for infrastructure. Or at a school where the students are small and do not have to be merged recommended. Examination Reforms: Examination Committee has said that the system has become a victim of corruption. Trust in the system to bring the national agenda must include changes in the examination system. The exam should not just get the number, but also in the understanding of the exam should test. Students should not be dictated by the performance of the board exam only periodic tests and classroom performance, but also should get credit. Open the website of an evaluation after every public examination of what criteria, it should. At least 6 per cent of GDP by the committee on education spending is also recommended. Just about 3.5 per cent is spent.

New Education Policy Education Centre Free It is indicated to increase the scope of the 10th across the country under study may be free now. The fresh changes in RTE
Will do.

HRD Ministry recently took the half a dozen states, including Madhya Pradesh has had discussions with. In the realm of free education in the country so far has been free to study just to VIII.

The government has indicated it is a time when the country's new education policy seems to be working on finalizing. The central government on various aspects of education is open opinion.

The key point of the scope of free education was also raised. The opinion was sought by the central government. According to sources, all states under the new education policy, increase the scope of free education is supported.

According to sources, it states that the center is being considered in view of the scope of free education may increase soon. It took a final decision on Tuesday in a meeting with Human Resources Ministry and the states only.

EWS quota could be an important decision:
The new education policy with the states for Tuesday's meeting EWS quota under RTE could also be discussed. On the issue of states of the country including Madhya Pradesh prominently raised.

The MP says that the right to education of all the children studying in government schools as part of EWS quota to provide all the facilities, but private schools are discriminated against.

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Will study for free until the 10th!, Free education may increase the scope of central government, the new education policy, the government indicated
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