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Friday, 9 December 2016

Modi government's decision to give 5 discount digital Bumper Blast

After the completion of a month notabandhino Arun Jaitley had a press conference in Delhi. Jaitley said that petrol and diesel cheaper will receive payment in digital mode. Jaitley said that the main reason is that the economy is there to be made, where possible maximum proportion of cash transactions. This option is to promote transactions in digital form. Government credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets and is trying to rest impalimenta methedane digital currencies. The government has made a major advertising aimed at Digital India.

India will start from 1 January 2017 Unbelievably

Arun Jaitley had made some announcements to make digital a press conference in Delhi, India. All of these ads will be effective from 1 January 2017. The government has been trying to promote cashless economy. Jaitley said that large amounts of people a month have found the switch to e-payment. He said that India has 4.5 million customers buy the day, pump and diesel Rs 1,800 crore. It is allowed to make cashless payments to 0.75 per cent for those who purchase the digital petrol and diesel.

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- Get a discount of 8 percent to 10 percent in General Insurance and Life Insurance
- The second payment will receive a discount of 5 percent on railway
- Will insure 10 million on-line ticket, will get a discount of 0.5 percent on the online ticket
- Keeps the farmer's cooperative bank NABARD credit card by giving them a card, which will be supporting cashless payments.
-which People buy digital payment will be paid to petrol and diesel price by 0.75 percent.

1 petrol and diesel will have 4.5 million customers discounts 
2. Free POS machine a lakh villages
3. The farmers will RuPay card
4. 0.5 per cent discount on rail inaugurated
5. Free accident insurance on rail bookings stamp
6. Other features include a 5 percent discount on railway
7 online insurance policy and 10 percent discount on premiums
8. The advantage will be given by PSUs
9. PoS machines would be cheaper
10. Service on the debit-credit card transactions exempt from the tax will be Rs 2,00011. The discount on the toll plaza

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Modi government's decision to give 5 discount digital Bumper Blast
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