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Monday, 3 July 2017

GTU Blake: In the Marksheet, the semester was written 8 years instead of 8

Gujarat Technological University (GTU) recently announced the results of semester 8. In the result declared by the University, it is the result of which semester, but the marks given by the University to the students are mentioned 8th semester instead of 8th semester. Thousands of students have been harassed. No explanation has been made by the University authorities about the reasons for which the 8th year has been written instead of Semester 8. Apart from this, many students have complained of changing names and topics in the Mark sheet.

The results of the degree engineering semester 8 have been announced a few days ago by GTU. Two days before the result, the mark sheet has been sent to the colleges. The mark sheets have arrived at many college students, while some of the students' marks sheets are still in college. The students who have received the mark sheets have seen the result of which the semester passed, they became annoyed at the box. Because the semester that the student has passed, the order of the semester is written in the box above. But the eighth semester mark sheet mentions the eighth year. According to the students, it is known that the students have passed the eighth year on seeing the result at first glance. After passing a degree, thousands of students are going to study abroad. At the time of admission in foreign universities, who have passed the semester when the mark sheet is passed. Seeing the existing mark sheets can be a big misconception. In general, so far there are semesters in each of the mark sheets written, but this time the year 8 is written for the year written in eight years. Apart from this, many other subjects have been written in the subject rather than the subjects which were examined. The name and surname have also been changed in some of the students' marks sheets. Sources say that in the light of giving results early, the university authorities have vowed to prepare a mark sheet.

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GTU Blake: In the Marksheet, the semester was written 8 years instead of 8
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