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Sunday, 17 December 2017

'Inspection Raj' will end because of the new commission applied to the place of MCI

In the Medical Council of India, there is a single Tin Decision for inspection for approval of courses including MBBA-MD-MS. Inspections are done only from the members of the council. Now in the new commission, MBBS, MD-MS Inspections will be done by different teams for each course including. Apart from this, a separate team will also make the decision for more seats. Five types of procedures were performed by the same team in the present council. But now there will be five types of teams for five types of work. In a nutshell, the council's monopoly system will be closed in the new bill.

Medical Council of India (MCI) has been announced to set up a new medical commission. Experts believe that this new system will end the inspection regime in the country. Apart from this, the number of new medical colleges will also increase greatly. Thus, due to the inconvenience caused by the introduction of new medical colleges, the medical commission is expected to prove to be better than the council in the coming days, the professors affiliated with the medical college are convinced.

'Inspection Raj' will end because of the new commission applied to the place of MCI

Currently, one representative from each university in Gujarat is sent to the council in the formation of the Medical Council of India. In addition, a member is sent to the Council by the State Government. The State Medical Council is also sent by appointment of a member.

Thus, five members were elected and the remaining members were appointed. Now the preparation for the medical commission has been completed in place of MCI. The official announcement has also been made. Discussions about which changes will be made due to commissioning have also started. Sources say the commission than the council is good for all states but not for all the states. Professor giving reasons for this says that the monopoly system of the new college was approved by the Council. The members of the council were in the akhedas of different kinds to allow new colleges to maintain their dominance. But due to commission, now the number of new colleges in the state will increase.

Not only that, the professor's grandfathers and johkimi coming to the council inspection will also end. In the new commission, it has been made that, in the present time, new colleges are inspectioned, instead of inspections only.

If a college chooses an increase in seats, there will be no fresh inspection, but the college will be given an increase of the seats before that. After five years inspections will be done. Apart from this, inspections and approval are recommended for each course by the same body in the present council.

But now after a different body will exist for each course. Members of the council will end the council's jurisdiction even if the number of members of all states, including Gujarat, increases in the new bill in terms of membership.

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'Inspection Raj' will end because of the new commission applied to the place of MCI
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