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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Reserve for the seat number 63 in the train's S-1 coach

Bhaskar News | Ahmedabad : Reserve for the seat number 63 in the train's S-1 coach. While traveling in trains, passengers often need to go to safety while traveling to the train to find security personnel. Now, according to the new order issued by the Railways, the train will not be able to find the security personnel in the train. Each train has reserved reserved for RPF and GRP personnel for escorting (patrol) 63 number of seats in the S-1 coach train. A security personnel will have to appear on the seat in the train where the patrols are to be taken.

Reserve for the seat number 63 in the train's S-1 coach

The railway official further said that, in times of travel in trains, there is a dispute between passenger, theft of luggage and security personnel in case of blows. When the security personnel knew what the train was in the train, they had to return to the train to find out the security personnel. Now, for the safety personnel to get fast passenger, every railway patrols the safety of trains, in which the S-1 has reserved 63 number of births in the coach.

There was always a dispute for the ticket checkers' seats in the train and the passengers were also always scared by taking what their seat was. The seat for TTE has been fixed in the Mail Express trains by the Railways. Seat No. 5 in First AC, Second AC coach A-1, Seat No. in Third AC B-1 Coach Seat no. 7 in Sleeper Coach as well as S-1, S-3, S-5, S-7, S-9, S-11 in Sleeper Coach 7 will be reserved for TTE. Agarit also, in the capital, Shatabdi and Duranto seats AC and second AC A-1 coach, seat no. Reserve for 5 TTE will be held.

TTE seat in the train was also decided If there is a question about security during travel, the passenger will not have to go to find a policeman

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Reserve for the seat number 63 in the train's S-1 coach
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