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Upload video to Facebook, earn millions of dollars

Facebook has launched Facebook creator. its own video website, Facebook Creator, to hit YouTube. You can search on which you can upload your own videos. You can comment on the video and comment on it. With it you will be able to earn money. But the Facebook creator is currently registering on. Facebook says that this will be your earning tool.

To register you will have to go to https://www.facebook.com/creators and then click on Join. You also need to log in to your Facebook account. Afterwards, the necessary information such as how to put videos, details such as part-time or full-time will be filled. You will then have to place a U-Tube URL like a video channel. After clicking on Let's do you will be registered. After registration, Facebook will provide full information on terms and conditions through e-mail.

How will the earnings From Facebook?

You can earn 4 ways through Facebook creator. Branded Content, Merchandise, Tours and Ad Brakes The most important of which is Ad Brakes. Because people earn by it. Ed ads are included on your video in Ad Breaks, but this process is still in beta mode and is anticipated to be launched shortly.

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