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Saturday, 6 January 2018

IIT specialists Muni School students teach

IIT specialists Muni School students teach To improve the educational level of municipal schools, the school board has started 'Spark Project' in October 17. In IIT, Gandhinagar, experts train math and science teachers while students are taught through experiments. IIT, Gandhinagar director Sudhir Jain and the school board have received MoU for 1 year.

The IIT 5 professor has undertaken the project. Professor The 340 teachers of 274 schools of 6 to 8 were given 2 days training from October. Now students are studied through the works and activities. Every week, on Tuesday and Thursday, students of IIT's Expert corporation teach students, while students on Wednesday go to study at IIT, Gandhinagar. So far, these professors have taught about 14 thousand students of 61 schools. Against this, 700 students from 29 schools go to study in IIT.
Offer of 33 districts, approval of 6

IIT specialists Muni School students teach

IIT Gandhinagar's Creative Learning Initiative Principal Co-Ordinator Pro. Manish Jain said that he has offered to teach the children of government schools in 33 districts of Gujarat. However, the approval for the 6 districts has yet been received. Five students of IIT, who have studied in Kanpur, Delhi, Mumbai and Bikaner IITs, for the purpose of doing good in government education, have left the higher salary and took up this task. So far they have taught students of 500 Central Vidyalaya students of the country. Four thousand workshops were organized in 26 districts of Chhattisgarh. In 2012, participants of high school students from Tamilnadu and Himachal Pradesh participated in the competition held in 73 countries. India's 73th position in 73 countries.

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IIT specialists Muni School students teach
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