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Insurance and PF money, phones will be stuck without support

Bhavesh Chothani
Insurance and PF money, phones will be stuck without support: Support for all services, benefits and any kind of subsidy for the central and state government is required to be linked by March 31, 2018. After March 31, if you do not have a link to your mobile number, bank account, life insurance or Mediclaim policy, LPG number, etc., these services can be closed. All the ministries issued a circular for linking 139 services with support in December. The issue of links to these services is currently underway in the Supreme Court. Bhaskar, talking to UIDAI CEO Ajay Bhushan, said that the responsibility of issuing such a decision and circular is related to the Ministry, Department and the States. They will do the same after the March 31 decision. It is noteworthy that the issue of linking only is not linked to financial services. The identity of this person is a matter of concern. When we tried to talk to cabinet minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, who took charge of the Ministry of Information and Technology, he refused to give an official statement saying that the issue related to the support card is going on in the Supreme Court.

Link to this way may be such a problem

Mobile number | Link to toll free number: On the basis of telecom companies, 14546 toll free numbers have been issued for linking prepaid mobiles. Here you will have to give information like number, name, birthdate, Then the OTP will be asked which will be valid for 30 minutes. After linking it, the support link will be done. When a postpaid user has to go to a service provider where your support, the mobile number will be verified using fingerprints. If not, then the number can be closed after 31st March.

PF | Link to the website online

Go to PF's website to connect with PF to support. Login with Universal Account Number and Password. Link support by providing the requested information. Various schemes run by the post office are also linked to support. If there is an account or policy jointly here, both will need to link the support number.

It is possible because of Sunday you have some time today. Do not wait for the last date. Link as soon as possible. Even if Supreme Court extends the last date, even if you do not have it tomorrow, then you will have to link the support.

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