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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

RTE is implemented in Gujarat, but there is a shortage of 16 thousand classrooms

A study was done by the Civil Society Group on the implementation of Right to Education (RTE) law, in which only 8% of schools across India are implementing RTE laws properly. The RTE Forum, along with The Civil Society, works on the RTE and the 8th National Stocking Convention was held on March 27, in which about 10 thousand NGOs from 20 states of India attended. It is claimed that 6% of the total GDP is spent on education, but according to this study the amount spent on education is less than 3% of total GDP.

If we talk about the per capita expenditure on education, the figure is four times below the cost of the country with moderate ache. The topic of concern is also at the level of the teacher. According to the study, 20 percent of total teachers are unskilled. In this convention of 15 states in 15 states, 500 people gathered together in 15 states to discuss the level of education in the country and the forum was considered by the forum to start a campaign by making a serious issue of education in the upcoming elections. Justice Madan B. During this event, Lokur said that slow implementation of RTI was leaking the basic right of education from children. I am worried that the level of education in India is declining and teachers are not being recruited enough.

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