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Thursday, 4 July 2019

Inspire Award Registration Steps

NSPIRE Awards is an initiative of Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt of India. The aim of the initiative is to promote and INSPIRE the students of schools to take-up science. Under the scheme, DST shall provide a sum of Rs. 5000/- to two regular students having intrest in Science (one from 6,7, and 8th class and the other from 9th and 10th class) of the schools for preparing a science Model/Project. These models shall be exhibited at exhibitions that held in Districts and State.

All schools of the State are requested to submit their proposals online using education portal. Private Schools/Central Schools/Navodaya Vidhyalaya/Sainik Schools/Other Schools shall be required to register their schools first and then submit the proposals. Click here to see the detailed advertisement for INSPIRE awards

Inspire Award Registration Steps

Role and Responsibility of School Authorities/Steps required to use the facility School Authorities (Schools) Participating in the Programme

  • Log on to website (www.inspireawards-dst.gov.in). Click various buttons to generally familiarise yourself with the webpage. Click ‘School Authority’ button on the top right hand corner of the homepage.
  • Click “For One Time Registration” button and follow steps for One Time Registration (OTR) by filling requisite details. (see User Guide for details / clarifications)
  • Submit request for OTR to DA(DA will approve the same within 24 to 48 hours and send a User ID and initial Password to you over your e-mail, indicated in the OTR process)
  • After you get User ID and Password, log-in to the website again, go to ‘School Authority’ button and click “log in” and use your log-in details which will lead you to School Authority’s Dashboard (you may change your password after first log-in)
  • Now you are ready to use various features of the application software meant for School Authority. Navigate through various buttons to learn about its contents / features and start using these.
  • Once School, District and State Authorities have got User ID and Passwords, schools can file online nominations and submit to their respective DA, who in turn, after due checking, will forward to their SA and the SA in turn, after due checking will forward the same to NA (i.e. Department of Science & Technology) online.
  • NA will approve Awards proposals as well as funds proposals online and the same will get reflected on the dashboards of respective SA, DAs and Schools in the form of sanctions, list of awardees etc. and can be viewed / downloaded / printed by respective authorities from their end. 

Instructions for Using of Inspire Awards New Website

A. School Authority Module:

  • First enter the EMIAS web address  by "www.inspireawards-dst.gov.in" in your Mozilla fire fox browser, Then "E-Management of Inspire Award Scheme" page will be opened. In this page Click on the School Authority under the Authorized login Section. Now, Click on School Authority link to open the page pertaining to School Authority. School Authority means the schools participating in the E-Management of INSPIRE Award Scheme.
  • On clicking the School Authority link, the "Welcome School Authority - Schools participating in the INSPIRE Award Scheme" page will be opened as with the following options:

1. For One Time Registration.
2. For Re-submission of OTR/Submission of saved file
3. Login


Click Here Step  || Registration

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Inspire Award Registration Steps
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