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Sunday, 10 June 2018

Decision to cancel the carry forward system started by the University of Gujarat from June 2011

Initially the students were relieved with the carry-forward system implemented by the University of Gujarat, but later it became a curse for them. When the student completes the test of the semester-1 and does not get admission in one or more subject, he was allowed to study in the second semester. Similarly, even in the second semester, if one or more semester fails, it was allowed to go to the third semester. Thus, even if the student was unable to go, he could go up to the fifth semester. However, until then it did not clear the backlog, its final result was not prepared. In this situation, a student coming from the Keri forward system till the fifth semester was backlog of 25 subjects and finally left the study. .

The carry-forward mechanism will take time to completely eradicate.

Gujarat University has announced to abolish the Kerry Forward mechanism for admission in June -2018. But in the year 2017, the students who got admission in the previous years have found the old Mango Forward method. That is, if students who are enrolled in the first year in 2017 must still continue this method for at least two years. Also, as long as they do not clear the backlog in the Kerry Forward, they have to be given the opportunity, as the complete eradication of this method will still take years, sources said.

Admission to the first semester of BA, B.Com., BSC, BBA, BCA, B.Ed., MA, M.Com, M.Sc., M.E.D. from Jun-2016 as per the decision taken at the meeting of the Academic Council of Gujarat University. The Carry Forward System has been discontinued for the recipients. So these students will not get the benefit of the Mango forward system. Students who have passed admission in Jun-2012 in the graduate level, all those who have passed all the exams of the semester-I will get admission in Semester-3.

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