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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Modi and the world's largest scheme will be an integral gift to the Indians, 10 million people will benefit

Prime Minister Modi today felicitated the nation's flag on the Red Fort for the fifth time. On 72nd Independence Day, he delivered a 82-minute speech. He has made three big announcements from the fort of the Red Fort. When 75 years of Independence in 2022, India will send a Gaganan with human mission in space, and it will become the fourth country to do so. He said that when the country's independence is 75 years of independence and if possible, any son or daughter of the country will take a tricolor in the space before it is possible. If we have a moon or a Mars, we will go with a human mind. He also told the humanitarian space mission of India to be completely maid in India. The Health India campaign will start to save the poor families of India from proper cure and severe illness. Ayushmann Bharat Scheme will start from September 25. Under the Ayodhya Bharat scheme announced in the budget, 10 crore families of the country get free health insurance up to Rs 5 lakhs. Which will cover the treatment of almost all serious illnesses.

Cashless treatment will be done in government or private hospital

In Ayushmann Bharat Scheme, women, children and elderly people are not deprived of any special treatment, family size and age limit are not allowed. This scheme covers hospitalization and subsequent expenditure. Every time the transportation allowance for hospitalization is also mentioned. Treatment will be cashless treatment in any government or private hospital in the country.

The Modi government will print about 11 crore family cards

For the Ayushmann Bharat Scheme, the Modi government will print about 11 crore Family Cards and bring people to the hands. Government will organize Ayushmann fortnight in villages. Where hand-held cards of these cards will be given. That means the Modi government will bear the responsibility of delivering cards per house. The government will also make a 24 * 7 call center in Delhi, where the people linked to this medical insurance scheme will hear complaints and answer the questions. Ayushmann Bharat National Health Protection Mission has given information about this. The family card will be the names of the eligible members of this scheme. A letter will be given to each person with the name of the card, in which the special features of Ayushmann Bharat Scheme will be announced.

About 10 million families of the country will be covered

Under the scheme, 50 crore people will be provided free treatment of 5 lakh rupees per year. The Central Government's plan is to cover nearly 10 crore households in the country under this scheme. Currently, under this scheme, free and easy treatment facilities will be provided to the socially and economically weaker sections of the country. All these facilities will be available from the day before taking out the policy. In case of hospitalization, allowance allowance will also be given.

Family card will also become a medium for identifying beneficiaries

According to Ayushmann Bharat National Health Protection, the government has selected 80% beneficiaries in rural areas and 60% beneficiaries of urban areas for this card. Family card will also become a medium for identifying beneficiaries, however, the appropriate documents will be required for it. After receiving instruction from the beneficiaries of National Health Agencies, they will start printing of service providers. After printing, all letters district headquarters will be sent as per area code. After which the letters will be sent to the village panchayat. After which the Health Workers in Letters will be given to the families of beneficiaries in the Ayyashthan fortnightly program of the government.

Our government has implemented GST

PM Modi also triggered a buzz in the election for the 019 by presenting his work outlined by the government. He recalled the UPA government's rule that the advances were going on in the last decade of development going on at the speed of 013. He said that in the year 014 people have not only made the government but also worked for the country. Today the country's tourism has united in the creation of Hindustan country. PM Modi also said that his government is not going to take a firm decision. He said that all of the GST implementation was talking about. But nobody implemented it. Our government has implemented GST. In the beginning, businessmen faced a few hardships. But small businessmen also cooperated and accepted him.

Most states agree on the hybrid model

This scheme can be applied to the hybrid model in all the states of the country. Under which the insurance company will incur expenses of up to Rs 1 lakh. If the bill of treatment is more than Rs 1 lakh, then the payment of the bill will be credited. 23 states have agreed to implement this scheme in the country but there are some states which themselves want to apply this scheme to the trust model instead of the insurance model. Most states can agree on the hybrid model. In which insurance companies will be charged less and the central government will have to pay lesser premium per family under this scheme.

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Modi and the world's largest scheme will be an integral gift to the Indians, 10 million people will benefit
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