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The Government Employee's Suspension Can Not Be For An Indefinite Period

Bhavesh Chothani
New delhi date. 27:. The Supreme Court has said that suspension of government employees may not be for an indefinite period. It should be enough for a limited period. In response to this comment, the court dismissed the suspension of six years of one IG. Justice AS Bobby's back said in his verdict that the government feels that if the accused is able to interfere with the evidence then he can be kept in another place. IG of Tamil Nadu Pramodikumar was accused of taking money from a company's directors. These directors were involved in the issue of investing Rs 1200 crore of investors. IG was suspended after he was arrested.

IG That cat challenged the proceedings against him. Kate refused to intervene in a departmental measure but canceled her suspension.

The official appealed in the Madras High Court. High Court suspends IG It also canceled the departmental proceedings of the opposition. The court said that the charge-sheets given to the officer did not get permission from the Disciplinary Authority. Against this, the government appealed to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court bench said that Rule 8 says that the charge sheet will be made by the Anushasan Samiti. This rule can not be ignored. Large relief to employees

This ruling received huge relief from government employees. This does not mean that they have to suffer a longer sentence such as Suspension. Even before this, the court said that the suspension of a longer stretch is a disgrace.

Supreme arrangement

Earlier, the Supreme Court had arranged that no government employee could be suspended for more than 90 days in the absence of the chargesheet against him.

- If the suspension is for an unsettled time, it takes a vindictive form.

- If the charge sheet is not given to the accused officer or employee or if the charge sheet is given, then a detailed order should be given to increase the suspension term. (2-1)

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