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Monday, 21 January 2019

Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) 12 poses step by step with pictures and meaning of Mantras

The Sun sustains life on the Earth. Sun Salutation is the appreciation for the Sun in the form postures with Mantras chanting. Surya Namaskar is the best practice to maintain health. Surya Namaskar includes Pranayama, Mantra, Asanas, and Meditation. It creates harmony in breath, body, and mind. Asanas help to maintain physical strength and Mantras chanted with asanas with gratitude enhance spiritual level.
Benefits of Sun Salutation:
Increase energy at both the physical and mental level.
It opens the gates of mind and body to receive positive energy. It feels body and mind with the energy of the Sun.
Reduces aging of the body, hair fall and greying, keeps diseases away
It keeps the digestive system perfect.
It makes spine and waist flexible by removing disorders. It improves blood circulation in the body which removes skin diseases.

1.Yoga Asana: Pranamasana (Prayer Pose)
    Mantra: Om Mitraaya Namaha
    Meaning: One who is friendly to all.

2.Yoga Asana: Hastauttanasana (Raised Arms Pose)
   Mantra: Om Ravaye Namaha
   Meaning: The shining or the radiant one.

3.Yoga Asana: Hastapadasana (Standing Forward Bend)
   Mantra: Om Suryaya Namaha
   Meaning: The dispeller of darkness, responsible for generating activity.

4.Yoga Asana: Ashwa Sanchalanasana (Equestrian Pose)
   Mantra: Om Bhaanave Namaha
   Meaning: One who illuminates or the bright one.

5.Yoga Asana: Dandasana (Stick Pose)
Mantra: Om Khagaya Namaha
Meaning: One who is all-pervading, one who moves through the sky.

6.Yoga Asana: Ashtanga Namaskara (Salute with Eight Parts Pose)
   Mantra: Om Pooshne Namaha
   Meaning: Giver of nourishment and fulfillment.

7.Yoga Asana: Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)
   Mantra: Om Hiranya Garbhaya Namaha
   Meaning: One who has a golden colored brilliance.

8.Yoga Asana: Parvatasana (Mountain Pose)
   Mantra: Om Mareechaye Namaha
   Meaning: Giver of light with infinite rays.

9.Yoga Asana: Ashwa Sanchalanasana (Equestrian Pose)
   Mantra: Om Aadityaaya Namaha
   Meaning: The son of Aditi, the cosmic divine mother.

10.Yoga Asana: Hastapadasana (Standing Forward Bend)
     Mantra: Om Savitre Namaha
     Meaning: One who is responsible for life.

11.Yoga Asana: Hastauttanasana (Raised Arms Pose)
     Mantra: Om Arkaaya Namaha
     Meaning: One who is worthy of praise and glory.

12.Yoga Asana: Tadasana (Standing or Palm Tree Pose)
     Mantra: Om Bhaskaraya Namaha
     Meaning: Giver of wisdom and cosmic illumination.

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Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) 12 poses step by step with pictures and meaning of Mantras
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