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Tuesday, 5 February 2019

4 yoga postures to score high in board exams

The months of February and March come with a wave of anxiety attacks for students of class 10 and 12 across India. It's the season of board exams (CBSE, CISCE, and all state boards), after all! These 4 yoga postures will help you to get relaxed from anxiety and nervousness. Yoga improves your memory and concentration.

2013 study by researchers at Wayne State University in Detroit, USA found that a single session of Hatha yoga significantly improved a person's speed and accuracy when tested on their working memory and concentration. In fact, those who did yoga performed better than people who had been for a 20-minute jog! 

1. Surya Namaskar

One of the most energizing technique in yoga, the Surya Namaskar is composed of 12 postures which help to influence the working of different organs and glands present in the body. Regular practice of Sun salutation will give you more benefits. 
image source:http://www.scienceindia.in/home/view_article/10

2. Bhramari

Use your index finger or thumb to close your ears. During the process keep your eyes and lips gently closed and jaws slightly separated.  Take a long & deep breath in and with exhalation, make a long humming sound like a bee (10 times.)

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3. Padmasana

Padmasana is quite helpful and easy to do. All you have to do is sit on the floor with your eyes closed. Keep your spine straight. Fold your left knee and put it on top of the right thigh. Similarly, do the same thing for your right knee by placing it on top of your left thigh. This asana will not only help you with relaxation but it will also help you improve your concentration
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4. Vrikshasana

Vrikshasana is a standing tree pose asana where you stand on one leg and then lift the opposite leg and then fold it by placing it into the corresponding thigh. This asana helps in strengthening your knees and is good for the overall body but more importantly, this asana plays a vital role in improving your concentration.
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4 yoga postures to score high in board exams
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