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Thursday, 7 March 2019


This is the simplest of all pose but with no ordinary benefits.
How to do:
  1. Sit upright with legs crossed.
  2. Rest the hands on the knees with the palms facing up.
  3. Evenly balance the weight across the sit bones.
  4. Keep the head, neck, and spine aligned all along.
  5. Elongate the spine but without stiffing the neck.
  6. The feet and thighs should be relaxed.
  7. Retain this posture for a minute.
  8. Release and change the cross-legged position.

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Benefits: Good for the back, thighs, and hips; gives a stretch to the knees and feet; and helps in negating anxiety and stress
Caution: If your kid’s hips are tight and they are finding it difficult to sit flat, prop them up with a folded blanket or firm pillow under the hips.
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