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Tuesday, 23 July 2019

5223 primary schools in the state will be merged

5223 primary schools in the state will be merged. An exercise has been started to merge 5223 primary schools in the state. On the basis of the details of the schools falling into four different categories, preparations have already been started to merge them into other schools. At present, there are a large number of schools with less than 100 students in the state and these students will also be transferred to nearby schools. For this reason, the education department has also been instructed to do a place check to see if students can be included in another school nearby if such schools are closed. In addition, details of such school teachers have been asked to be sent.

5223 primary schools in the state will be merged

The Director of Primary Education has written a letter to all Primary Education Officers and Government Officers in the state asking them to check the details of the schools. There are four critically-rated schools by the Department of Education. In which, schools up to St-6, schools with less than 20 in Std-6 and 7, schools with less than 25 in Std-6 and 8 and less than 100 are separated and close to these schools less than one km apart. The school is asked to check if it is available.
There are 27 schools in the state up to Std. While there are 7 schools with less than 20 numbers in St6 and 7, 17 schools having less than 25 number in Std 6 and 8 and 5172 schools having less than 100 number. Thus, there are a total of 5223 schools found in all four criteria. Now these schools will be merged with other schools in the vicinity by the Education Department. For this, the list of schools located within one km distance of these schools has been sent by the Education Department. So that the adjoining schools will have to be inspected by the Talukas Primary Education Officer of that district and submit a report on which school will be more suitable for the students and submit it to the Department of Education by July 31. The taluka primary teacher will have to state in the report which closure of the school in Criteria and include in the nearest school instead. In addition, the details of teachers of schools based in Criteria will also have to be sent to the Education Department.
Thus, special vigilance will be placed on the school mergers with the students as well, sources said. Details of whether the revenue village has changed during the merger process at a nearby school will have to be shown.

Most schools in Banaskantha will be merged. Action has been initiated to merge 5223 schools in the state, with most Banaskantha district schools being merged. 456 schools will be merged in Banaskantha. Similarly, 381 schools in Dahod, 312 in Kheda, 307 in Ocean, 338 in Panchamahal will be merged. In terms of big cities, there are 51 schools in Ahmedabad district and 36 in corporation, 114 in Gandhinagar, 75 in Rajkot and 8 in Rajkot corporation, 157 in Surat and 7 in Surat corporation, 137 in Vadodara and 7 schools in Vadodara corporation. 9 schools in the lowest Botad district will be merged.

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5223 primary schools in the state will be merged
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