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PI Khali Jgya Babate Nyuj Report

The delay in fast and quick justice is equal to injustice. A similar situation has been created in the state of Gujarat today. In the state, more than 5% of the police inspectors are vacant. As per the process of law, the head of every police station plays the duty of police inspector. His vacancy is directly affecting the people. In the entire state, there is a decrease of 2 pi from the space of 5 pi. Due to which many police stations are vacant, the people are having difficulty getting justice even though the home department's stomach water does not move. In the state of Gujarat, a large number of police inspectors have been on the rise for the past several years. The promotion of PSI to PSI has not come for a long time and during the promotion some candidates have stopped PSI promotion by throwing in court. There are currently only 5 police inspectors and a decrease of 5 PIs compared to the state which should have 5 PI. As soon as the payments come from the High Court, a large number of PSIs will be appointed as PSI.

PI Khali Jgya

૧૧૦ Recently transferred to PI

Recently, the Directorate of Home Affairs (PI) was recruited by the Department of Home Affairs but their postings were stuck. Recently, the Home Secretary sent the 9PIs to the training. Soon PIs will be set up at some of the vacant police stations in the state.

The State Monitoring Cell suffered from multiple PI, PSI

Vigilance squads of state police chiefs made quality cases by pouring alcohol and gambling in different areas of the state. Alcohol and gambling are suspended due to the involvement of PI or PSI in the area where large quantities of cash are seized or due to their sluggish performance. It will also be dealt with again if there is a quality case for narcotics. The State Monitoring Cell has taken the victim of several officers in the recent past.

Is this also a reason to leave the police station empty?

After the quality case, it is alcohol or gambling that consumes the area's PI. In many cases, the local PI is unaware and if such activity is carried out by the constable's gesture or by an antisocial person, then the PI may have a suspension if the outside agency falls red. So many PIs are not ready to work in police stations. Get the side postings recommended from the top.

How many police stations in charge of the city?

Airport, satellite, women's police stations will fill PSI's

What is the opposite effect if PI is empty?

The charge of vacating PIs increases the workload entrusted to other PIs, serious crime is also investigated, delays in obtaining justice for the people, lack of PI in the police station, the staff also flies away.

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